Day 935 Urban sketching at the Augusta Museum and a cartoon. 

Sunday was a free day at the local museum. I had not been since it moved to its new building and it’s just remarkable. The Augusta room is so well done. The train that all my kids loved is still there to walk thru but now inside out of the weather. 

This is drawn from a display of the Stallings Island Archaic period.  

As a girl my friends and I volunteered at the museum and worked on the original arrowhead exhibit for the archaic period. We always had fun working after school at the old museum 

I did mean to draw something else on this page but forgot so I filled it in with the notes on the Stallings Islnd culture. OOPPS. The yellow is. YOU guessed it. Quin gold. With cerulean 

There’s an Augusta Trolley car too. AC and I had to check them both out. Very fun. Love be the bright yellow trolley. Going to have to go back when I can stay longer.  

 The 70s exhibit

An old water pumper. I drew it but still have to paint it. Maybe today?!  

My sketchbookskool homework a Day in the Life. Should have done a two page spread because I ran out of room. Oh well it’s done. 

If you want to try this make a list of your days activities OR just make blocks and fill them in. 

Pitt pens pyrrole red Quin gold cerulean hematite green. Stillman and Birn mixed media Zeta. 

Ttyl yoga time soon. 

Margaret xoxoxo