Day 946 Enterprise Mill 

In the parking lot on the backside of Enterprise Mill sitting in my car hoping people would walk by to add them to the sketch. 

This is called the Graniteville Mill too and I actually misspelled Graniteville!! Left the N out which I tried to disguise with the left tree. Sad. I really liked the sign and it looked good til I left out the N!! OOPS! 

And the people are a bit too large but hey it’s a sketch so I am ok with that. Fast and dirty can lead to mistakes on the fly. 

This scene is to the right of the one above. 

Colors used. Hmm one of the orange reds browned down a bit with piemonite. Cerulean and the rest. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

Lamy EF with Lexington Gray in an Alpha Stillman and Birn. 

My Girls! 

Excited. Dr Sketchys tonite. Hoping both dogs are on the mend from the barf episode for Honey and Zoe’s lumpectomy yesterday so I can go. 

#fatmans #EnterpriseMill

Margaret xoxoxo