Day 936 Today’s the day!

So I will make this short. 

I keep thinking there’s a painting. At Costco. Maybe several. Not sure. I drew this at the pre Super Bowl snack frenzy. Vultures including me walked away well fed. WHOLE slices of pizza. I stood not far from them booked propped on my cart, drawing and nobody noticed me. NOT ONE person. So strange.

 The lady was handing out pizza bites. They had to pass right by me to get to the whole pizza slices. The mobs were huge. Sausage hot dogs Artichoke dip popcorn -lots of great snacks. 
Noodler Konrad Stillman and Birn Zeta Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

The check out line at Costco. Think this might be my next acrylic. What do u think. 


Margaret xoxoxo