Day 930 – Saturdays in Aiken 

Maggie’s Van Gogh aka Ilaina. 24×30″ acrylic   

 Sorry for no progress photos. I left my phone in the car lost under the seat!! Thank goodness Rachel found it for me. Cars do eat telephones. 

She came together really fast. By first break Ilaina was mostly done. So I decided to paint the background to fill up it most especially the chair. I had a lot of green paint on my brush left over from the drape and decided to put it on the chair. LOVED The look. Added some thalo blue for shadows using a huge 14 bristle filbert. I decided to spread the thalo around with dabs on the figure. 

And then I painted the rest of the background. Nothing too focused. Just colors. 

Colors used cobalt and thalo blue, pyrrole red, nickel azo gold, titanium white, Winsor violet, primary yellow, Indian yellow 

Love the peachy tones in Drew Murphys soft painting   

Al Beyer’s oil. He was in an odd spot behind the chair which made her head quite tiny. 

Lady who painted next to me. 

Tom Needham’s small watercolor. 

Dawns large oil. And that’s all I had time to take pics of

Progress on Looking Down -Ponce City Market.  

My friend Drew Murphys awesome elephant painting. 

 Here it is earlier last week. Ruth and I told him to take the buckets out. Like it better without. 

Ttyl off to run errands. 

Margaret xoxox