Day 952 Odds and EndsĀ 

A little urbansketching at an ACA rally Saturday in Aiken. These rallies are great opportunities for drawing people. 

Drawn on 300# arches cold press with a Noodler Konrad loaded with carbon Platinum Black Ink. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

Yeah she’s done. Well at least I think so. Kinda yellow but at least her body’s no longer distorted. 

Here she was before I worked on her today.  

I shortened her shoulder, added some her butt on the left,thinned down her right thigh and moved the right arm. 

And I finished the hand on this one today so Sarah is done. Yeah.  I ran out of time before I finished her left hand. 

And that’s all folks. Time to head to French class. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxo