Day 928 Getting Squirrely

The back porch squirrels and their antics are always fun to sketch. A ready model. Cheap.  Will work for bird seed anywhere anytime anyplace. And of course I like to imagine what they are thinking as they gobble. Really need to name  them Oreck and Dyson or Hoover. Miele?! 

Drawn with a Lamy Safari in a Stillman and Birn Zeta mixed media. 

Colors. Background Quinn gold squirrels cerulean Piemonte ultramarine. Splattered with Quin sienna or burnt orange. 

Have a go at the squirrels. The back porch birds are fun to draw too. Use some gestures. It doesn’t have to look just like a particular squirrel it just had to look like a squirrel – the way they hold their food and hunch up over thier paws or spread their tails. Fun stuff. 


Margaret off to look downtown and see what there is to sketch in this 72 degree day of sunshine. Xoxoxo