Day 943 It’s Saturday!! 

Our model didn’t turn up today sadly so Al sat for us. This was done in about forty minutes. The session actually went on longer because no one thought to call time. al sat for over an hour. Oops. Sorry Al!  

Tho.s was my view of Al. 

Fred posed next. About forty minutes. 

I made him too old. Told Fred that this was his Dorian Grey. Dorian Grey is a book written by Oscar Wilde and later a movie. Grey led a debauched life but never aged. Only his portrait did. Hence Fred’s Dorian Grey. 

Jeremy’s awesome Fred. 

Kathe’s gorgeous Al. 

Drew Murphys Al. Large acrylic. 

Drews Fred. Looks so much like him. Drew trying to finish before break. Love the hand.

AC Daniels beautiful oil of Al. 
Fred’s wild eyed Al. 

Thomas Needham’s youthful Al. 
Toms Fred. 

And that’s it folks. Time for Wet Paint party. Sketching fun. 

Ttyl xoxoxo

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