Day 944 Enterprise Mill

This sketch took the longest of all the sketches I did Thursday. Large double spread in my Stillman and birn alpha. Drawn with my Lamy ef. 

The building is vermilion or scarlet lake mixed with a bit of burnt umber or Piemonte. I also used Piemonte w ultramarine for shadows and windows. Makes a nice purpley blue dark. 

I drew the last old house on Upper Broad Street yesterday. It’s a sad mess. Probably a tear down because nobody wants to live in the middle of a used weedy car lot. 

Windows open rotted away and boarded up. But you can buy a Prius from the front porch!  It must have been quite a house in its younger days 100 years ago. I wonder who lived there. 

These two houses sit to the right across the weedy car lot from the lone house .  

Ted Nuttall’s transparent colors. #2 Richeson squirrel mop brush. 


Margaret who refuses to catch a cold but has a stuffed up head xoxoxo

#fatmans #EnterpriseMill

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