Day 484 – Champs Elysees

What better place to start than this gorgeous avenue of world class shopping.  

Despite two hours of sleep on the place we managed to walk five more miles including a rainy after dinner walk to the Arc de Triomphe which is gloriously lit at night. Well worth the walk!!

We ate dinner at L’Artois around the corner from our Hotel  on Rue d’Artois. A sweet little place with the nicest owners. A nice way to dip our toes into Paris dining. This will get watercolor soon but not tonight after another six mile jaunt thru the drizzly beautiful Parisian streets. 

  We did a waking tour of the Marais today. Originally the Jewish district before World War II we know what happened.  The Nazis actually rounded up the children at their schools to transport them to the death camps. There are plaques dedicated to them all over the Marais. 

Charming Patisseries. This is the Marveilleux de Fred. We hope to go tomorrow. Fabulous cakes. Yum!
  One of the oldest buildings in the Marais. A half timber building much more typical of Rouen than Paris which was rebuilt after the third revolution of Les Mis fame with its sweeping boulevards. 

Built in the 1400s the buildings were not allowed to be all wood for fear of fire. 

 It also used to have several royal residences. Place des Vosges is all that remains of the home of Henry 4 and Catherine de Medici. She burned the palace when her husband died from jousting wounds and established this park. 


We finished the day at the Eiffel Tour. Our tickets were pre purchased they No waiting in the block long line. We went straight in at our appointed time 2 pm.

It is amazing. 
   The building incredible. 

  And just enormous. More than 1000 meters tall. 700 HUNDRED TONS of steel!!😳 
The view from the Eiffel Tower. Still raining sadly. I would like some photos taken in the sun. Please Thank you!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret hoping in the shower.  Xxx



2 thoughts on “Day 484 – Champs Elysees

  1. Madeline Hawley says:

    I am taking a virtual tour with you, Maggie. When I went to Paris three years ago, we stayed in an apartment in Marais. I loved the area. Took some great street photos that I have wanted to turn into either fiber art or one of my very amateur watercolors. I you will keep posting sketches and photos. Enjoy! We had some rain when we were there, too, but just bought umbrellas and walked on, and walked and walked and walked.

    If you are anything like me—and I find many common interests with you—you will want to buy booties or shoes there. I came home with a pair of Arcus booties that are beginning to show signs of wear, and don’t know how to live without them. I think the street the two wonderful shoe stores I visited (Arche and Arcus) are Rue de la Ferronerie, and around the corner, on Rue de la Innocents.




    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Shoes have been calling me. So far I have resisted. Sketches are stacking up. Only three or four painted so far. LOVE the Marais. Went back again today for Aux marveuilleux de Fred bakery. Yummmm


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