Day 308 – a Few more of Maestro Z

  There are actually ten pages of these but this set messed up the other eight already finished pages. I was bored after painting the first eight and decided to try something different. 

Fealing gave us an example with this wash on it so I decided to try it. The background is a wash of 16 washes of color.  I applied the first eight backwards so I did 8 more in the right order and the washes leaked.  It’s a great color BUT not so great I wanted to mess up ten or twelve other pages. 

See below for color combos for the background. 

Here are the pages that were messed up.  Even worse I had finished painting them ALL. There are grey blobs on all of them. One set of  pages even got stuck together.   
I did use some white gouache on a few to try to fix them with varying degrees of success. White gouache my BFF.   

Just a small leak on this one. 

Big lean on this but it didn’t show so much. 

Thank goodness nothing to mess up on these pages. 
The 16 layers of washes are 






Burnt Sienna

Hookers green 


Then I did them in the right order 


Burnt sienna

Hookers green


Cad orange 


Cad Orange


Now I think I will try another one with just the last eight washes. The correct way lol. It does make a beautiful blue grey. 

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