Eaton Street #2

For Sale – 9×12″

And there’s one more to come. Thinking it’s easier to paint palms on larger paper. Maybe this will be the Eaton Street series.

Dark sky is cerulean cobalt and a bit of ultramarine splattered with dioxzine purple.

Paper is cold pressed fluid 140#. Dries flat as a flutter no matter how much water you put on it.

Margaret who has to get ready for book club. Xoxoxox

I hurt myself

Hogfish w Gorgonzola sauce spinach and artichokes and mixed veg a mango martini and Pinot noir. And my sis in laws cheese tortellini with sweet sausage and bolognese sauce. OH MY so delish.

Topped with Tiramisu and a view of the Atlantic with various joggers and skaters floating by. A sailboat or two.

Best food ever in Key west at La Tratorria. AmAzInG!! That tiramisu best I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of them. Expensive yes but who cares food was perfection the view perfect and all divinely lickable!!

Margaret who hurt herself xoxoxo

Day 2063 The Carolina Wren

Wasn’t going to do this today. I have a friend who needs cheering up so this postcard is flying off to the friend tomorrow.

And of course it’s drawn from my favorite photo I took last week.

Cheap Joes Kilimanjaro cp 140# derwent inktense pencils and Charles Reid palette colors. The strawberry is dotted with gouache mixed with cad yellow light. Strawberry is cad red light burnt sienna and a mixed neutral tint.

Wren mostly yellow ochre burnt sienna and burnt umber with dabs of mixed neutral tint on the eye and legs.

Margaret who is going to eat a salad for dinner. Xoxoxox

Day 904 Movie challenge 

There’s something about a Miss Marple show. I love all of them in their various reincarnations. 

 I have sketched Miss Marple before – the previous actress before Julia McKenzie. Julia portrays a sharp tougher version of Miss Marple and GPTV our PBS channel has been replaying her series on Thursday nites and Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday I like to just let PBS run as long as it’s not begathon time. Thank goodness they are done with that for a week or so. 

I paused the tv and took a pic of her in an interesting pose. 

I drew her with my pentel brush pen off my iPad. And it didn’t go well. I got too heavy handed with the dark shadows. 

Gouache to the rescue. Almost like using acrylics. The background is watercolor. Peacock blue and hematite green. Then I scratched the wc off the palm tree. 

Last spread in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. Hurrah. 


Margaret xoxox

Day 606 – Sunday Fun!! 

  Been drawing with platinum carbon black ink and a bamboo stick. Really a lot of fun.  

I started going thru the pics to find something to draw. I mean why would I want to go outside on such a lovely day?! 

Watching Downton Reruns ff thru the begathon. I already send them $$ 
 Anyway I found a cute one of my granddaughter and drew it. I had a few too many black lines in her tiny face like the eyebrow. So I painted her w gouache. 

First gouache portrait ever. Not easy but at least she’s not black from her nose to her chin. 

The only way I could get a soft edge on the face shadow was to feather white over her dry cheeks. Totally different experience from watercolor or acrylic.  

Gouache brands used Winsor Newton and Horadam. Colors red yellow white blue and burnt sienna. 


My lab  Honey drawn with the Noodler Creaper and smudged with a wet finger. She’s a very long nosed lab. Not a block headed English lab like Isis on Downton. Touches of burnt sienna gouache for her eyes. 

This one was drawn with the stick too. Fun fun. I think her eyes are a little high but oh well.

Get a stick and try it. You might like it. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx 


Day 311 – Finished Accordion Book 


Hard to take good pics of these. It’s about 80″ long.  Sorry they are crooked. The paper is Stonehenge print paper I think. Cream colored. Lovely paper. You can actually paint on both sides which I did because I had filled up the front at Pops Under the Stars.  It was so much fun drawing that I kept on drawing and filled up the back. 

So here are  close ups of the front.    

  I started this in Gatlingburg. Only got two people done. Oops!  I drew the first lady while waiting for my mom who is the second lady.     


Love the lady to the right so much I drew her three times.   
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX

Day 308 – a Few more of Maestro Z

  There are actually ten pages of these but this set messed up the other eight already finished pages. I was bored after painting the first eight and decided to try something different. 

Fealing gave us an example with this wash on it so I decided to try it. The background is a wash of 16 washes of color.  I applied the first eight backwards so I did 8 more in the right order and the washes leaked.  It’s a great color BUT not so great I wanted to mess up ten or twelve other pages. 

See below for color combos for the background. 

Here are the pages that were messed up.  Even worse I had finished painting them ALL. There are grey blobs on all of them. One set of  pages even got stuck together.   
I did use some white gouache on a few to try to fix them with varying degrees of success. White gouache my BFF.   

Just a small leak on this one. 

Big lean on this but it didn’t show so much. 

Thank goodness nothing to mess up on these pages. 
The 16 layers of washes are 






Burnt Sienna

Hookers green 


Then I did them in the right order 


Burnt sienna

Hookers green


Cad orange 


Cad Orange


Now I think I will try another one with just the last eight washes. The correct way lol. It does make a beautiful blue grey. 

Day 299 – Silver Wyandottes 

  aka chickens. More of the reason I drove across the mountains. Sketching chickens is THE most fun and I highly recommend giving it a go. 

  Silver Wyandottes are interesting looking chickens. With white diamond and a swirl of light feathers streaked with black around their heads. 

Stillman and Birn Zeta with a Noodler Conrad Flex loaded with Lexington Grey ink. I am actually not sure if all these chickens were Silver Wyandottes but they are colored like they are. 

  The bottom left chicken was colored with a tombow pen. It’s fun to wet them and see them run. You can lift the colors. I thought it might be a good way to color these oddly colored birds. Actually I think the Tombow was a little strong for these chickens. Next I tried a black and an indigo inktense  pencil. Things were going better. The blue softened the black. I drew a diamond pattern all over the hens bodies. Then I added white gouache after the inktense dried.  The benefit of inktense is that once it dries its permanent and you can paint over it. White gouache was also used around the beaks and heads to eliminate dark grey lines I didn’t want especially on the big chicken on the right.  That defined the face and beak better. The waddles and red bits on the head where colored with watercolor pencils- red yellow and orange! The background is 2 light blue watercolor pencils and a purple one for shadows. White gouache was brushed over the neck feathers to make them look fluffier. 

My gift to you this Sunday is these chicken picture so you can join in the chicken sketching fun. At least these aren’t running anywhere. Have fun and I would love to see what you do with them.  

Don’t forget to draw the silver Wyandotte earlier on this post. 


Drawing chickens is like drawing bumpy triangles.  The legs are two sticks with upside down trees on them. 

More park sketches tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking!! 

Maggie XX  

Day 286 – The Tree on the Oconaluftee River 

My 101st post on my new blog. Loving WordPress. But I digress. 

Back to that tree. 

  I actually let friends in FB and IG vote if I should color this sketch or not. All the votes but one were to color so I did. 

This is an old tree on the banks of the Oconaluftee River that runs by the visitors center in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was drawn with brown  de Artrementis Document ink and one of my Noodlers. Love that flex nib. In my Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

So here it is done. I started with the background first washing but with cerulean and dabs of spring green and viridian. The trees are all combos of indigo and burnt umber or raw Sienna.   I used some leftover greens on the big tree trunk. 
Trees in the background are streaks of greys. 

The rhododendrons are spring green and ultramarine with indigo for the darks.  I used a scraper to regain some of the lost reflections. 

Dirt burnt umber and splots of indigo. 

The river. Well like the rhododendrons that was a trial too. Splotchy blues and greens. Starting with light blue and darkening it down with darker blue. “Rocks” are indigos and greys. Usually you paint water lighter the farther away you get but I was trying to get down of it foamy hence the lighter areas of color. 

  Ps white gouache fixed an odd squared off angle on the right side of the legs tree trunk. What was I thinking!? 

Thanks for looking. 

Day 286 Another Accordion Book 


 Sennelier USK journal book. 

  Kuretake brush pen till it ran out. Then my Pentel brush pen. It was colored with Tombow markers and watercolor and flesh Winsor newton gouache.

  TIP: The flesh gouache makes painting skin tones easy! No mixing so no fuss. 

This one has been completed since earlier this week.  I was saving it for the weekend to post. 



Most of it was drawn at the local walking track or dog park. 



The stroller was amazingly easy to draw with a brush pen. A few stokes zip zip and done. 

The last half was drawn while patting in my car in the Earthfare parking lot starting with the lady in the black and white dress. 









  The entire strip. About 36″ long. Nice heavy paper. You could draw on the back but you would not have a lot of paper length which is part of what makes these books fun. 

Thanks for looking!!