Day 48 ReALLy?!

That many days?!!😭

Yesterday I planted a bunch of tomatoes and herbs on the back deck. I also pulled up a few baby oak trees in the process. Somehow this one missed the trash can. Koosje said draw something near you with a ballpoint pen. It was nearby on the floor. Only one problem my paper did not like the only ballpoint I had so I want over it with my Lamy vista upside down. The point gave a crowquill pen like effect. Interesting. Then I decided to add some quin gold watercolor to the page.

TodY boss lady Koosje said paint first then draw over it with ink. Something in the house. A plant. Well only have two plants. Here’s one of them a Christmas Cactus that blooms off season. I don’t know what happened to the two blooms. I painted them but didn’t draw them. Hmm kinda fun though.

And this is the sketch I did while I binge watched Balthazar on Acorn. It was awful and NO you can’t see it.

Margaret trying to save some Balthazar for the big weekend. Might go to the grocery store en mask. What a crazy world we live in now. Hugs. Xoxoxoxo

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