Day 487 – only five miles of walking

  I found this November 9  post stuck in WordPress land. Evidently the boats wifi never let it be posted.  
Quai Grenelle-where our boat docks. 

 Today. We are pikers.  We went on a Seine boat ride instead of chasing all over town. So instead of 9 miles only give. Instead of THIRTEEN stair flights just Trois. 

I sat In the lounge of the boat with an actual interesting view of Radio   France building and people out walking the Seine on this beautiful fall day. Everybody wears black here which was great for this sketch since it made all the figures show up. Evidently it’s the color for the season. Hmm no red no brown just lots of black with occasional grey. And bright red lipstick. Don’t forget the lipstick. 

Our pianist. Mom would love his music. Lots of show tunes.  Frank Sinatra. Porgy and Bess. I actually am sitting about five feet from him aS I type. He’s just playing his heart out. 

St. Pierre church in Monmartre. A lovely small church next to Sacre  Couer. We rode the funicular up the hill to Sacre Couer or it would have been 20 stories today walking. 😳

Of all the sketches today this one is screaming for paint. Maybe tonite. 

 Here it is outside. A lovely little church that almost got torn down about 100 years ago but the people of Monmartre decided they wanted to keep it. 


Sacre Couer next door to St Pierre. Monster sized in comparison. No photos inside.  Not allowed. The. We toured the area and back to the ship for lunch. 

 Then we walked a mile along the quai to out boat tour of the Seine. Gorgeous day for the sail.   

The Louvre from the river.     

    Notre Dame  
  Incredible bridge named after King Alexander of Russia. Over the top decorations.  
The stairs that run down to the bottom of the funicular in Monmartre. I did walk down!😳

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