Day 451 – A few Paintings

  Henry – background Quin gold. Sofa Quin sienna and Quin burnt orange – skin Quin coral and French yellow ochre 

Got the nasty virus still that half of the people in Augusta seem to have but forced myself to paint some in my coloring book aka my ink sketches. 

  About Henry sketch.  Really like the way the darks make his legs pop and take shape. My favorite of the ones I painted yesterday. 

    Inktober day 4 – Forgot to take a pic of the black and white sketch. Oops. 

Random customer at the inner bean sitting less than three Feet from me. So absorbed in her phone she didn’t notice I was drawing her. 

Drawn with Noodler Konrad and carbon platinum black ink. 

Hair – burnt sienna Quin burnt orange. Shirt cobalt and inathradone.  Skin Quin coral and yellow ochre. Grey is cerulean and burnt sienna.   

A reindeer head that was over the cabin fireplace last weekend. Why a reindeer in the western North Carolina mountains?! NO idea! A friend told me he was a moose but we decided he was a reindeer probably from Norway or Sweden. Along way from home. 

  Quin gold and burnt sienna wall. Same with the splatters. Grey is cerulean and burnt sienna.  Piemonite and cobalt used in the shadows.  

  Out my back door. Glad to report the Savannah is still units riverbanks!! 

Thanks for looking!! Back to watching the BIG Flood in nearby Columbia and Charleston and glad Augusta dogged the bullet. 

Stay safe and dry my chickadees! 

Margaret glued to WIS Columbia. Nope no football here!!  

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