Day 449 – it’s a ViRuS


Carbon platinum pen, superaquabee sketchbook 

That half of Augusta seems to have including myself and my sister Jan who lives at my house. Sneezed and dripped our brains out. I hope you all my sweet chickadees do not have it but it’s also not a terrible virus to have. You just don’t feel up to par. 

  Reindeer head at the house we stayed in last weekend. I didn’t know the lives in Western North Carolina!!😳

And it’s still raining. Was hoping to go downtown tomorrow for more band sketching BUT I think hurricane Joaquin will make that a wash. Hoping it doesn’t. 

Anyway that’s it for today. Tomorrow find out about the pens and ink I love and the paper too. 

Thanks for reading! Stay healthy and dry!!! 


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