Day 446 – Fauvism

  A recent challenge to paint an acrylic self portrait in Fauvism style using a snake of complimentary colors with impasto brush strokes. Impasto is thick paint which can show the method of application. In this case a hog bristle brush. 

This has been a lot of fun. Try it you might like it. 

Fauvism means wild beast. Matisse was the best known painter in this school although Seurat’s pointilism is also a part of this school. Bright jarring colors were used by these artists.  

Some hallmarks of Fauvism are 

  • Strong colors but no black 
  • Colored lines but not everywhere 
  • The artist is painting color even if it’s not what expected 
  • Melting lines 
  • Thick paint 
  • White off Canvas shows thru
  • Not a lot of detail 
  • Faces done roughly 

We started with a wash of background color on gessoed hardboard aka Masonite and then drew the portrait with a paint brush using  a complimentary color(red) to the green background.   

This is a color snake using two complimentary colors red and green plus white for tints. These were the only colors we could use.   All the above colors were made from those three colors. 

 After the painting was underway it was ok to add a related color. Such as orange. 

Here is the portrait after two hours painting. I left a lot  of the original red lines showing thru.  

I used the color bluer greens in the shadows and the yellower ones in highlights.  

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx


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