Day 444 Hanging a Show

 A Friend forgot she signed up for a show at our favorite cafe. And she knew someone with lots of art stockpiled so she asked me to do the show. We spent all day today wrapping and hanging and pricing the show. Took ALL day. Thank goodness it is done. 


Sorry the photos are so bad but it’s a rainy day and the lighting in the Bean is not the best. I also drank TWO cups of expresso to keep caffeinated and climbing up that ladder to hang paintings. 

If I climbed it once I know I climbed it 30 times!!! 

There’s a wide range of art- all shapes and sizes and all prices. The strips are also for sale ranging in price from $150 -$295 for the longest one. It’s almost 100 inches long. That’s only $2.95 an inch lol!! 

So why is it hung like wash on a line?! WHY NOT?!  We thought it would be fun. And what could be more arty than hanging art with binders clips of every shape and size. 

Some come on out and buy some art for Christmas presents or just because!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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