Day 303 – Feeling Fealing Part 3

Another great day with Fealing Lin. I highly recommend her. Just the best most giving teacher. 

We worked and worked and a lot of work is getting done. Tomorrow critiques!! 

The egg. Did you know if you draw on a BOILED egg or a plastic one like this it mimics the perspective of your head as it moves around up and down. Great way to teach it. 

Black and white value study she did of two men in Chinatown. She doesn’t use pencil because it takes too long but instead uses Cheap Joes American Journey Warm Black and a big brush to whip it out. 



 I added some bubbles and some pebbles aka some curls. I think I will do more.  I also need to bring her shirt into a little better focus. Less busy color. Aka knock the color back!  But I am pleased with her. 




I worked on my Man from Shanghai some more as well as my fisherman, Kenyatta and Boone. I knocked the background back with Inathridone blue. 

Before. The background is pretty but easter eggy. I also added the “jewelry” and some bubbles.  I think his mouth is still off a twitch and I need to fix that. I am

Pretty happy with him.  More work probably but we were off to show Fealing Mast General store in Valle Crucis a lovely secluded valley near Boone and buy some shoes for our achy feet. 

The store has an old potbelly stove complete with rocking chairs.  


  Lots of old barns and lovely mountains. Not the greatest photos but the sun was not cooperating today. 

Rhododendrons were starting to bloom. Lovely things. Of course we didn’t need to drive twenty miles to see them. When we got back we noticed a bushful next to our hotel!! We did have a great time laughing and googling and taking pictures!! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Margaret XXX 

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