Day 243 – The Chicken or All Roz’s Fault!!

This was the first chicken that posed for me when we went to Key West. I bought a box of Schminke gouache from Wet Paint last week and Roz said use them for two weeks. Painted on Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Paper. 

Till I did the chicken all I had done was paint backgrounds to cover up boo boos like yesterday. I meant to paint my house or a church downtown that I have always loved as the last assignment for the last teacher in the last week of Sketchbookskool

I ran across this chicken pic. He cocked his head at me and said paint me. I succumbed. What can I say?! Maybe that’s why I have been doing all the bird drawings. Practicing for this rooster. 

First I drew him quickly on a scrap of paper laying on the table. 

That did it. He hooked me. I got the sketchbook out. 

And the lovely new box of Schminke gouache.

 It came in this great wooden box. Almost too pretty to be touched!  But I managed. 

I used all the colors and tubes of  M.Graham Azo yellow and pyrole red that I already had. It was much like painting with acrylics without the shiny plastic look they have.  The colors covered well. Easy to mix. I did have to get out my acrylic brushes. The long watercolor brights were not stuff enough. 

Tip: I used my monarch Winsor & Newton filberts and an escoda Prado filbert. After I switched to these the paint behaved so well. Went on easily and smoothly. Yesterday I discovered the stiffer hog bristle brushes leave ridges in the paint. Not a good look. 

Thanks for looking. 

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