Day 248 – Another flock of gulls  

The gulls were in the Target Evans parking lot when I drew them. I did paint them at home.

Thinking about writting 50 shades of grey on this one because I have made that many shades of grey today.  No matter how light it was the gouache always dried darker. 

Hmm. Grey is made from schminke indigo Quin Violet and English red a sort of burnt sienna. I did use some cad yellow and white. A lot of white!!!  Background is cad yellow and turquoise. 

There’s only one bird I don’t like after two plus hours of painting. his bill is kind of yellow green. I still have one more page of gulls to draw. 

I think he’s my favorite. 

But it could be him OR 

These two!! 

Thanks for looking. Check back tomorrow. Hopefully time to make progress on them.