Day 250 – A Painted Collage  

Our art group took a paper collage class from the very talented Virginia Bojanowski. I painted one of my favorite subjects my sweet dog Zoe. 


Made from painted scraps of paper and old book paper. 

The following is a short version of how it was made. Of course Ginnie had bags of already painted stamped paper pieces that we could use to collage with or we would have been there for days!!  You could substitute any appropriately colored paper for the painted paper we used. 

First we drew our subject on the canvas. Usually a piece of 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood is used for this but for expediency sake we used a canvas. 

Next we painted the background color.   After it was dry we stamped over it with a stamp. I used a marble texture stamp. 

Then we painted our subject in blocky colors. 

Last using  gel medium  we glued down many pieces of paper starting with the bottom layer to the top aka from her chest to scarf to ears, to dark side of head, to eyes, eyebrows, nose trying to get a 3 d effect.  Difficult to do on such a tiny piece of canvas ripping even tinier bits of paper. 

In Art 130 at UGA we had to copy an Old Master print assigned to us by our teacher. I got an A+ but my rooms floor  was littered with piles of pieces of Life magazine photos trying to match the exact colors. My poor roommate. 

Art 130 was a Josef Albers color theory class, a fascinating class and my favorite that year. 

Let us know if you want your favorite animal done!!

Anyway thanks for looking!!!