Day 241 – Mary Ann’s Cup


One of the assignments for sketchbookskool is to paint a teacup.  I have my great great grandmother’s coffee cup.  I had already painted her husband’s coffee cup earlier and had meant to paint Mary Ann’s but not quite gotten around to it.   So it was a great opportunity to do it.  


Mary Ann and her sister Sarah Purcell Robinson

I really don’t know alot about Mary Ann other than she raised my grandmother and when my great grandmother decided to ride a horse astride in a horse race she would NOT have it.  She told my great grandmother she would NOT be riding on a horse like a man.  She also had a great collection of family photos of her and her Purcell family. And thats about all I know about her. She died a year after her husband of many years.  Strange that I would have her coffee cup and not know more about her.

Back to that coffee cup.  I drew it with my Noodler Flex pen with De Artremis Brown Document ink. I meant to do the whole spread with that pen but OPPS picked up the other Noodler that had Lexington Grey ink in it.  I am glad at least it was not black. Of course I did not realize it till I was well along with the grey writing and drawing the map of Oklahoma.

I can’t say I really enjoyed painting this cup. I wanted to draw more birds and squirrels but since I signed up for SBS I wanted to see it thru.

I think the cup is slightly out of round but so would you be if you were a hundred years old!! LOL..

I drew it first with a yellow ochre watercolor pencil…probably should have used a grey one.  Colors used Cad yellow light, cerulean, yellow ochre, quinacridone sienna, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, quin rose and cobalt.

AP's Coffee Cup

AP’s Coffee Cup

This is her husband, A P Johnson’s cup.  If you see paper glued on a journal page you can be SURE that I messed up the lettering and fixed it with another piece of paper!!


Mary Ann and AP Johnson with Dad, 1923

BYTW I thought perhaps her cup was not old. It just doesn’t look as old as AP’s except the pattern on them is very similar-same feathery odd looking leaves and pink flowers.  I never would have noticed that had I not painted them both.

Thanks for looking!