Day 255 – Dinosaur time

It’s a lot of fun to draw dinosaurs. I bought this one recently at Target but I hear I need to start checking goodwill and you consignments for them. I now have four of them as well as a few other animals. 

My grandson loves dinosaurs and trucks. This is a postcard on watercolor paper for him. Next time I think I will let him paint it after I give him some paints. In the meantime I painted it with my caran d’ache since I didn’t feel like getting out the watercolors. 

Added bonus I found two contests to enter it in on Instagram. Who knew they have dino drawing contests on IG?!

Here it is just done with my Noodler Creaper Ahab with carbon Platinum black ink.   It’s about 6×8 on #140 kilimanjaro from cheap joes

Thanks for looking.