Day 263 – the last breakfast at least til Sunday

Looking at my sketchbook a friend pointed out to me today that I must really be into my breakfasts. Of course I should have retorted that she was the one who got me into going out for breakfast. She’s been doing it for years  before I met her. Now that we have both left the teaching profession we meet once or twice a week for breakfast and then I run errands in town. If I stay home I get busy and put the errands off. Not good when it’s a Target bill that I pay off every month or time to pay for the cell phone. 


 My favorite breakfast is the breakfast bowl at the inner bean a local cafe run by two moms Donna and Ann. Keeps them skinny!! 😃   Back to the bowl. I think it’s pretty healthy.  Be healthier if I left out the bacon but is 60% of the wheat is drenched in roundup before we eat it might as well enjoy our bacon.  Much tastier than wheat. 

Last nite was Dr Sketchys. Our favorite art event of the month. Last night was stellar. I won a contest twice. Here’s one of the sketches.


This is Cosmo a burlesque performer in a five minute pose. Cosmo could hold a pose like the Rock of Gibraltar. Pentel brush pen in my strathmore mixed media journal. And yes he has three hats on his head!! 


 Something else I did yesterday that was terrific fun while waiting for my friend Ruth at Earthfare. I drew the customers as they went in and out of the store. Just gesture sketches but SuPeR fun.  


Stay tuned for a post on these.  There are a lot of them. 

Thanks for looking!!