Day 268 Almost a DisaSter!


 Lady in Black. Mixed Media 

I am thrilled with the way she turned out but the original sketch in Pentel brush was awful so I decided to whip out the Daniel Smith watercolor ground and paint over her and redraw. I redrew her with the Pentel brush pen.  Oh what a mistake that was. It wasn’t waterproof and kept leaking on my sketch. Oops. 

I patiently blotted the leaking ink over and over as it ran with a clean folded paper towel. I love brawny the paper towel that keeps on giving.  I thought the painting might be cursed but no all of a sudden she was looking great. The smudgy ink lent an air of mystery or at least interst to the watercolor I think. 

I actually traced the head on notebook paper and used it as a pattern to cut out the background accounting book paper to glue over the de artrementis document brown ink I decided I didn’t like with the black.  I painted over it with a buff gouache. I threw the pattern in the trash but will get it out and take a photo so you can see what I did. 

The black is a mix of DS alizarin red and indigo. Makes a great blue black. Skin is DS Quin coral and yellow ochre.  Shadows are burnt sienna Quin sienna and cerulean. 

Thanks for looking.