Day 252 – Those Beards!!!

I must be feeling better because last nite I decided to draw Matthew Perry with his scruffy beard last night a la Roz Stendahl who posted guys with beards lol last week on her blog. I took a pic of him on his show Odd Couple. And that was it. 

Then I drew my son Ben who has been known to sport lots of chin hair of all kinds. They were going so well that I did a third one. 

Have always lived Jonny Lee Miller since I saw him in a Jane Austen movie. Combine him with Sherlock and some chin hair. I had to try. I will say I am not as pleased with him as the first two. 

 What was the quote on Matthew Perry. Ideas at 3 am might not be so great.Well neither are they at 11 pm when I did Johnny!! But they were a lot of fun. So much that when I met my friend Marsha at Waffle House I kept sneaking photos of guys with beards. They were everywhere. 

So how did I do these?  I found that the easiest way to do these was with the Pentel color brush. It’s easy to lighten and move the ink to shade with it. Then I went back in with my Pentel brush own to finish it off.  The background was done with gouache. Lettering with the Pentel brush pen. 

Bytw my son thinks I should do a graphic novel so I guess he linked his. He loves graphic novels and comic books. 

A lot of fun. Bet you can’t do just one!!