Day 244 – Those Squirrels

At times I get bored drawing the birds on the back porch and I draw the squirrels.  Actually they are easier to draw than the birds because the hold still sometimes for quite a while. The squirrels are drawn with Noodler Lexington Gray ink and are painted with watercolor. A combo of Quin Sienna and cerulean. I don’t understand why the Lexington Graybis waterproof while the supposedly Bulletproof black and the eelskin so not. So strange. 

Like a stupid head I drew one squirrel right in the center! A disaster!! I decided to paint over it with some of the Schminke gouache and yes it covered the squirrel completely!! Hurrah. 

Next came the trial of trying to write the words on it. Finally I got the Kuratake brush to write on the gouache zip zip it was done.

Thanks for looking!! 

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