Day 1218 Urban Sketching

My nieces sweet house where I stayed in Charlotte for class. It’s just a small house but the perfect size with a small perfect kitchen fabulous bathrooms. Three bedrooms and hardwood floors. Screened porch and front porch. A great yard. What else do you need. Oh handy to downtown class

Drawn with a Lamy Safari in my stillman and birn. I painted this with my paints left from class. DS sepentine Green House grass with a dab of hookers Mineral violet shadows yellow ochre for the trim. Roof trees are manganese and quin sienna. Trees have a dab of burnt umber as does the fence. Manganese sky. A bit of alizarin crimson for the pinks added while wet. And some brilliant purple for the iris.

All the painting was done wet on wet so the colors would mingle on the page.

Margaret xoxoxo

6 thoughts on “Day 1218 Urban Sketching

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Sweet house…lovely rendering. No Classes next week….usca vacation..tho of course we can come & paint…..We miss you. Alexis

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