Day 2083 Devastated

That my beloved watercolor teacher Charles Reid the master of all American watercolor painters according to the man who knows them all Joe Miller of Cheap Joes died unexpectedly Saturday.

My dear friend Mike and I were hoping to take another class from him in Sarasota in the spring all figure painting but it’s not to be.

He will be greatly missed by his family dear Judy and Sarah and Peter, all his students and friends all over the world.

Early on he distinguished himself as a wonderful teacher.

Dearest Charles and Judy Reid in Boone at Cheap Joes.

He touched us all making us better artists and better people for knowing he and his darling Judy.

One of his fabulous flower paintings. I am so lucky to own one.

Rest In Peace Charles.

Margaret xoxoxo who will be forever grateful to the great man.

Day 1218 Urban Sketching

My nieces sweet house where I stayed in Charlotte for class. It’s just a small house but the perfect size with a small perfect kitchen fabulous bathrooms. Three bedrooms and hardwood floors. Screened porch and front porch. A great yard. What else do you need. Oh handy to downtown class

Drawn with a Lamy Safari in my stillman and birn. I painted this with my paints left from class. DS sepentine Green House grass with a dab of hookers Mineral violet shadows yellow ochre for the trim. Roof trees are manganese and quin sienna. Trees have a dab of burnt umber as does the fence. Manganese sky. A bit of alizarin crimson for the pinks added while wet. And some brilliant purple for the iris.

All the painting was done wet on wet so the colors would mingle on the page.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1088 A recap

Thought you might like to see the order of the sketchbook so far. Still at least one more sketch to paint which will go here in the order. Painted on Kilimanjaro with Ted Nuttalls Transparent colors or Charles Reid Palette. Pen Lamy Safari loaded with Noodler Black. 

Seemed like and especially good idea to me 

Since the upstairs AC was dripping water thru the ceiling  and it’s turned off. 

So I “slept” on the den sofa 

But mostly tossed and turned 

Getting just a few hours of sleep. 

AC fixed. Nap time now. Enjoy. Margaret xoxoxox worn out. 

Day 1087 Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp

The Cabin sits on the Thompson River one of the best wild  trout rivers in North Carolina and it’s one of the few places there is access to it.  The property is surrounded by Nantahala National Forrest so the only access to the Thompson at the fish camp. 

The rhidodendrons were in full bloom last week as was the wild flower meadow. Gorgeous setting.  The shed is a picnic shed with adirondack chairs and a fire pit over looking the river. 

Ttyl Margaret heading home today xoxoxo I mean we have to watch GOT tonite right?! 

Day 183 Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp page 

The title page is done. Not to sure about that rainbow trout but that seems par for every page I am doing lately. Lol. 

Earlier this week. How many more pages to paint?! Two or three. 

I don’t know if I said but this is a copy of a sketch I did for their guest book. Only that one is just in black and white. 

Bytw the water was painted with my #2 Isabey mop. Drawing with my Lamy Safari on Kilimanjaro cold press #140 paper.  

Back to sneezing. 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1082 Watercolor 

Never turns out the way you think it should. I think it is Charles Reid that says it’s part you but at least 50% it’s doing what it wants to do.  

The Cashiers Fireworks Extravaganza. That and played from about 5 till midnight with fireworks in between. A fun nite and they only ask for a donation. What a deal!!  

Of course it would help if you could find the picture of the scene before you start painting. My phone aeeemd to have eaten this when I was painting it yesterday. Eeekk. And of course now that I am done I have found it. Oh well. 

I will say the camera tends to darken the shadows so who cares?! 

On to the next page right?! Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

I did draw this at the Extravaganza. Just my grandkids would have wanted to help me paint it. They would have been covered in paint with no access to clean up. 

Day 1081- Still feeling like I 

Can’t paint. And am thinking I don’t like the pencil. Turns into a grey mess that has to be erased. My son and his family at our Fourth of July picnic in Cashiers in the Green.  

We were thrilled to find our favorite popsicle for sale on the Green. It’s an Atlanta based company started by a friend of my sons and his wife that went to law school with them and the popsicle are delicious. My favorite is raspberry lime and only 45 calories. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo home from Sapphire and worn out. But the laundrys done and I bought some groceries. 

Day 905 – the Bean

Everybody’s favorite place to eat lunch in Augusta or for a coffee or even better some of their amazing cake. They give you a slab of home made cake for $4 or $4.50. Today I had their Tuscan Bean Soup which was delicious. A big bowl and some delicious ice tea $5. A good deal. 

I don’t think I have ever eaten anything that was not delicious at the bean as we call it. Their coffee is from that other fabulous cafe that I drew a couple of weeks ago The Dancing Goats in Decatur. 

Painted in my new STillman and Birn Zeta.  Drawn with a Lamy Ef loaded with Lexington Grey and painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

Sketchbookskool Homework. 

Draw some textured objects. I might have gotten carried away but have had these on my art table for a while to draw. I can check them off my list now right?! 

Pens used Staedler .01, carbon Platinum pen w carbon platinum black ink and a Pitt calligraphy pen which I soon abandoned because it was too dark to me. 

Stillman and Birn mixed Zeta journal. 


Margaret off to bed early after two hours at the gym and walking a couple of miles. Color me tahred. Xoxoxo

Day 610 – The Home Stretch is ON!!

30×40″ acrylic 

Major Dad is making progress. In case u missed passed posts will add some of the process.  


  • Original photo. Major Dad at 93!  Did not want to paint all those chickens!! 

The block in. 

Playing with the photo in Waterlogue 

 Washing in the foundation colors. Recent reading about acrylics told me NOT to do this with just water. If you use more than 25% water with your acrylics it breaks down the polymer binders. I used polymer gel to thin it. 

Read about more than you ever wanted to know about acrylic paint  and mediums here on 120 plus pages of anything and everything about acrylic paints. I read the whole book and it’s actually very interesting. 

Bytw I use both Golden and Liquitex. I still have a few older paintings that are painted with liquitex which was the first acrylic and they are still in great shape. I buy whichever is on sale with a coupon. 👍🏻


Layering in color. Did you know u can use the cheap paints for this later and finish with the expensive stuff?! Sounds like a lot of work, right?! 

I added back in a lot of the lines I had painted over trying to tie the painting together. I also lost some of the lines on the face. Probably need to loose a few more on his hands. 

When he’s done he’s getting a coat of acrylic varnish as soon as I get the kind the book lists.  Evidently there is one that liquitex makes that is removeable with ammonia. Who knew. The book also said all acrylics should be sealed because otherwise. they remain porous. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx

Day 552 More Brevard!

Main and Broad in Brevard. I think it’s the town hall or the court house?! Watercolor, Noodler Konrad w D’artrementis Document Brown in strathmore Mixed Media 500 sketchbook.

I drew this sitting out near O P Taylors on Broad which has a good view of the court house.

The tree and building were still decorated for Christmas. I love that people no longer zip the decorations into storage the day after Christmas.


A great view of the mountains as Broad Street drops off toward Asheville.
My biggest dislike about the Strathmore Mixed Media 500 journal is that it’s very difficult to make lay down  flat giving a large shadow down the spine. Not very attractive in the middle of a painting!

I guess I need to flatten it on the scanner but so much easier to use the cellphone for a quick pic.

Colors used. Cerulean sky w a touch of cobalt. Red w yellow ochre for brick colors. Burnt umber and Inathrodone for shadows, roofs, truck and street. Hookers green w Inathrodone for the for tree.

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx who is off to the Columbia Art Museum for the Georgia  O’Keefe exhibit.