Day 1217 going to the dogs again.

I am calling Honey done and for sale. She’s 13×19 approximately.

The start. This is a really slow process. It’s like bringing the ghost out into the light. LOTs of water. Ultramarine blue and quin sienna. And probably some dioxzine purple.

Yuck. What else can I say!? Kim said to take pics of the process so I did. Hope u enjoy them.

More definition. At one point I added so many washes the 300 lb was buckling. 😱😱😱

I had to lift a few lights. So easy for those to disappear. I use a flat bristle brush for that. A little CLEAN water and a lotionless Kleenex to blot. No oil allowed.

Here she is up close. I splashed some more and added some more darks on the right to loose the edges.

And here she is again. Done. I really don’t like this paper. Soft soft for a 300 lb cold press. Jack Richeson Cold press . Absorbs too much color and bleeds edges.

My jack Zoe is saying what about me. That’s all for now.

Night night.

Margaret xoxoxo 300# cp #fabriano #forsale #blackdawg #lab #labrador #rescue #honey #dogsofinstagram #dawgs #beggar

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