Day 1181 – Yupo Time or why you should try it you might love it!

Finally finished my yupo sketch and I really like it a lot.

Macy 20×30″ Yupo. For Sale!! Watercolor, Gouache, 6b lead and a bit of Caran d’ache neocolor ii

She went a lot faster than last weeks. Maybe I have learned some things from the other one?!

What I have learned about yupo.

  • Paint flat on a table not vertically. Paint won’t stick to it.
  • Add a tiny bit of dish soap to the water.
  • Easy to lift color from with a clean wet brush or wet the area you want to wipe out and wipe with a Kleenex. Damp Kleenex works too.
  • The lead works as a dam keeping the paint from flowing. Even repels it.
  • Makes lovely puddles of unexpected colors.
  • You can not control it.
  • Never ends up like you thought it would. More so than a regular watercolor which also does its own thing.
  • Gouache blends right in.
  • You can drop in color on small things like lips and eyebrows one drop at a time and it will run together as one unified color.

I successfully erased the heavy lead lines on her fore arm after it was painted. Then I repainted it. The eraser acted as a resist and made a highlight on her arm. The lighter area is where I erased.

Go try yupo you might like it!!

Yupo Fun!! Macy Yupo 24×30” #forsale! #yupo #watercolor #lead #gouache #lifemodeling #nude #albeyer #usca #aiken #augusta #georgia #southcarolina #art #artist #drawing #sketching #dailydrawing

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