Day 1180 The Usual Saturday stuff

The results from yesterday’s drawing group at USCAiken under the leadership of Al Beyer. The first six are mine. The rest are friends.

Macy watercolor gouache caran d’ache neocolor ii and 6 B lead on illustration board.

First break. Pretty horrifying.

Wet paint does terrible things to the Blick Bristol. It has no finish and acts like a sponge.

I like her better than I did. In fact I like her a lot now.

That cheek is wet. It dries a lot lighter. Thank goodness. I do have to say I much prefer the Strathmore illustration paper that I thought I brought but was home on my table. Oops. The blick paper gets a wet edge on the colors like the papers wicking it which I think it is.

After she dried before I painted a little more last nite. I think I still need to add some more blue to the left side. What was I thinking. In an hour and a half you only think so much right?! Sometimes the time flies too fast.

Here she is again done.

I actually did two. This is much bigger on Yupo-24×30″. And needs finishing. Today I hope but I have a couple of commissions I should work on.

Most of us were not pleased with our work yesterday. We blame it on Macy not being able to hold the pose. It’s a tough one to sit recline on your right arm for hours. It goes to sleep and her head kept getting lower. Oopsey.

Drew Murphy not happy with either of his though I do like his first one a lot. He said he’s going to crop the first one. What do you think?

Better?!! Don’t you love how easy it is to crop with a computer. No saw required. It’s painted on hardboard.

Al Baeyer huge oil. 3×4′ or so. Lovely.

Amy’s small oil. She was too my left and thrilled when I asked her if she thought Macy’s head was sagging. Sometimes it’s so slight it’s hard to tell but it really throws you off.

Dawn was to Amy’s left. Oil

Fred to my right acrylic. I kinda love this big thing. 2×30″

Tom Needham farther down in the right. Nice job Tom. Like this one A lot. Usually I tease him about his too long heads.

Bill oil 20×20 on board he’s come along way lately from muddy tiny oils a few months ago.

I should know his name but forgot it. He sat right in front of me. An engineer from Westinghouse.

Ilania who’s frequently a model was there painting today. Love her.

Tyrone’s pencil or charcoal I think.

Jim charcoal. Scribbles are fun.

Margaret whose going to cook some breakfast and pet Zoe who keeps giving me the eye like I need this and I need that.

Pay attention mom! Xoxoxo from Zoe and I!

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