Day 1179 – It’s Saturday

Well WordPress burped and never losted this today. Was supposed to be posted this morning about 10 am EST. CRAZY WordPress.

Here’s the post. And now Zoe and Honey and I are off to bed. Nite nite!! I wonder how life modeling will go today. In the meantime last nights sketches.

Ink sketch last nite on the sofa while Zoe was curled up next to me. I actually like it cropped into a square better. Done with my Lamy Ef in my stillman and Birn sketchbook.

I did short dashy lines on her face to simulate fur. Lots of them!! I was afraid to do too many lines on her white fur or I would turn it dark instead of making hair texture with the Noodlers Eelskin Black ink in my pen.

Ipad sketch done w my finger. Not that this is a perfect sketch. I did it in a few minutes in Notes.

I knew I could do a sketch on it with my stylus in procreate but not in notes. She was just a sudden whim I had after listening to an online drawing video form Veronica Lawlor and Sketchbookskool from their Drawing a day class I took last year.

Fun stuff. I think you can do it on your iphone too and you can erase also.

Margaret in Aiken again for the day xoxoxo

WIP – Zoe snoozing again!!! Bat ears!! #zoe #warm #snuggle #jackrussell #crosshatching #jackrussellsofinstagram #jrt #watercolor #art #painting #cuteness #drawing #ink #LamyEf #lamysafari #lamy #dailydrawing #georgia #atlanta #terrier #rescuedog #stillmanandbirn

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