Day 1178 My Glerups

My friend Raisin got some of these for Christmas and was talking about how comfy they are.

We both get plantar facitis in our feet so if Raisin says hey are great I listen. She’s the one who saved my sore foot recommending Chacos for my plantar facitis lasted two years off and on. The Chacos fixed it the minute I put them on. So I got some Glerups.

I drew them on the last double page In My sketchbook. And journaled a bit about them my darned wool socks and Raisin.

Ps they are everything Raisin said they were. So warm and comfy.

This is the first page in my sketchbook and the reason I drew the Glerups like I did to finish the book.

This is the second double spread. Notice a theme going here?!!

They are colored with my prismacolor art sticks and a bit of caran d’ache neocolor ii watercolor crayons.

Drawn with one of my Lamys. The feet are drawn with my pentel brush pen. Hmm might go back and add some to this Glerups.

PS I joke that Raisin is always spending my money. She’s good at influencing me. Love Raisin. So much fun.

Margaret off to Aiken for a photo shoot and to hang out with the jockeys at the race track. Xoxoxo #Glerups #prismacolor #pentelbrush #ink #carand’acheneocolorii #stillmanandbirn #raisin #Chacos #aiken #lamy ##georgia #augusta

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