Day 1176 Livia 2

When you draw most days there are days things don’t go well. She’s actually much cuter than this sketch.

I was trying to draw my granddaughter Livia practicing her coloring. She’s just three so it involves a lot of concentration on her part. When she gets up in the morning her hair looks like a haystack with it going every which way and hanging over her face.

This is my attempt to capture that event and journal about it. The crazy hair and the coloring. She was working so hard on staying in the lines all the whole carrying on a conversation about the coloring and what she wanted to do that day. Go to the “maquarium” aka the Atlanta Aquarium.

I had a lot of trouble getting her little face to show and her hair to look wild. I eventually got out a few of my Neocolor ii crayons to color her.

I also added some of their coloring pages because I didn’t want them to get lost. And I journaled a bit of her conversation on the page. She was also enthralled with the lights at the “mechanical” aka Botanical Gardens.

Margaret off to Aiken to paint today. Schools back in session xoxoxo

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