Day 1141 How about those dawgs?!

Heres the pack with clear coat on them to make them shine. Of course I put Zoe on the tallest salt shaker since she’s the smallest both in clay and in life.

Finally done with a clear coat of Golden’s soft gel medium cut half with water. Gives a nice shine to them.

L-r Wesley Susie Camie Zoe Chip Charlie Lucy Dog Livia and Grant. Honeys peeking out from the back row.

Made with fimo clay and a bit of sculpy. Aloe of kneeling, squeezing, and rolling with the rolling pin to get the clay soft. I had to add vegetable oil to some of the clay because it was too stiff.

Did I say I have a new appreciation for warm dishwater on hands that ache from all that kneeding?! Back to my baking.

Candy cane earrings that may or may not get finished before Christmas. Made by combining ropes of white and red clay and twisting and rolling flat.

After staying up late baking cheese straws and painting dogs I think I need a nap but guess that will have to wait til Saturday.

Margaret hohohoho who needs to wrap these puppies up!!

Paint needed!! #portrait #sketching #drawings #art #artist #ink #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirn #grandkids #henry #noodler #pawpatrol #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #watercolor #aquarelle #allaprima #labrador #lab #fimo #polymerclay

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