Day 1141 Kid practice.

One of my goals is to practice doing quick sketches of children. This is one of my grandson Henry that looks a lot like him. He’s a true wiggle worm often twisting himself up like a pretzel so it’s difficult to get a likeness even when he’s watching tv.

Another goal is trying to draw an image with a few lines. I used to use what is called a searching line which is actually multiple lines. Now I try to use a few lines. Sometimes with success sometimes a mess.

L-R Chip, Honey and Wesley.

Three more dogs in need of paint. Two more to do then Santa is done.

A lot of baking too. Mincemeat tarts aka deliciousness.

Details: Lamy Safari Noodler Eelskin Ink Stillman and Birn Alpha

Colors pyrrole red and yellow ochre burnt umber burnt sienna cerulean ultramarine blue.

Margaret who is checking off her Christmas list. Time to bake. Hopefully I will not forget the eggs this time. OOPPS. Xoxoxo

With more cross hatching. Which do u like best?? #portrait #sketching #drawings #art #artist #ink #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirn #grandkids #henry #noodler #pawpatrol #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #watercolor #aquarelle #allaprima #lab #labrador

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