Day 1148 Procrastinating and Got to get this entry done!!😳

Got to get this entry done. Painting this picture to enter in the Georgia Watercolor National show whose deadline is any day now. And I have been procrastinating. I should have started yesterday gotten up early to get the 300lb hot press Fabriano watercolor paper. Did I? Nope. Had lunch with a friend. Then about 2 I hit the art stores Sam Flaxs and Binders on Piedmont.

300 lb or 140 lb hot press Fabriano is lovely gorgeous paper that the Italians have been making since the 1200s. Blick at 7th and Peachtree did not have a piece of the 300 # last Saturday so they are part of the procrastination problem. I now have plenty of each.

Here’s the sketch. About 17×22″. Drawn with an HB pencil.

The set up on a table in my sons man cave. Packing paper is great for protecting a table.

Using Ted Nuttalls palette because I want it transparent as possible.

Here’s the paint in one of my travel palettes. Normally I would put all the reds together but somehow I skipped them. Duh

My weapons. Mostly Isabeys and the big ones are Cheap Joes Legends because the Isabeys would cost $220 plus for sable. The ones at the bottom are my favorites including my very favorite the #10 Davinci Sable.

Missing the flesh color. French Yellow ochre and alizarin permanent with LOTS of water.

The palette closed up seals. The cute little spray bottle is really great for lugging around. Bigger ones add a lot of water weight.

Als face with the first wash.

And I also did a wash over the hands and arm.

Some lunch then back to painting.

Hugs Margaret whose also making turkey soup. Yum. Xoxoxo

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