Day 1134 Matilda Time and a tea bag or two

Finally a kid that holds still. Clara my niece doesn’t move a muscle in front of a favorite tv show and why should she relaxing on the oh so comfy Lazyboy at the cabin.

Piles of teabags drying.

Better get busy painting on this stack. All shapes and sizes. Helps to put something heavy on them after they are dry to flatten them.

Colors used: washed background is either quin gold or yellow ochre, cad yellow w a dab of pyrrole red for letters. Pyrrole red letter outline. Pyrrole red and yellow ochre for skin. Hair sienna and burnt umber. Sofa green apatite and quin gold w ultramarine shadows. Clothing marine blue and ultramarine blue. And that’s it folks.

Off to a Christmas luncheon so I better get dressed. Wanted to lie in my comfy bed all day. I have missed it when I was in Atlanta

Margaret xoxoxo