Day 1147 finishing off Christmas

The things we didn’t get around to before hand. Zoe patiently snuggles up and snoozes while I make more messes.

A couple of more dogs. I bought the Super Sculpey while shopping for polymer clay. Couldn’t find any for my dragon project bought this instead only to find out on his website its really only good for things like these dogs. Bytw for those curious about polymer clay that’s a great website. Very informative. Easily breaks if the project has thin pieces. Oops. So far I have made a lab and a golden. There’s also a black bear but it’s out in my car. Will post it later after I run some errands.

We are also off to see the lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. We tried last Friday but they were sold out. I know my grandkids will be super excited. The lights were gorgeous when I passed by after Thanksgiving. Hey I can’t wait to see hem either. AND theres a train ride too. Atlanta may no longer have the Rich’s pink pig and Christmas tree lighting but Macy’s and the Gardens are doing a GREAT substitute.

Merry HOHOHO xoxoxo Margaret making hay before Atlanta iced up.