Day 1150 Al’s done I think

Al 17×22″ hotpress 300# fabriano. Luscious paper.

The head shot. Now to get him entered in Ga Watercolor show. And into Splash. Thought the Splash deadline had passed but tomorrow is the drop dead day. Who knew.

The palette I used loaded with Ted Nuttalls palette colors. The paint brushes I used. See yesterday’s post for the kinds of brushes.

Ted Nuttalls palette colors. The only colors I can use and get a fairly transparent light watercolor with. If I don’t use these colors I get heavy handed and go to the dark side. I did replace Antwerp blue with cobalt which is a transparent watercolor that he doesn’t use. No idea why.

Terrible photo taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. Way too dark!!

Just a curious question. Anyone else having trouble with their IPhone 8. I have the plus and it’s been nothing but a pain since I got it. This is his head taken with my iPhone. Thank goodness I had my iPad Air with me or I would never have gotten a decent photo. It’s way too dark and I could not get it lighten up in the photo ap.

This one was taken with my big canon and it’s far too red which is why I finally whipped out my iPad.

Seriously how much did this phone cost?! A fortune. And for photos NOT to work is a big RED X on it for me. Also my messages never ding when they come in no matter how much I try google suggestions.

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