Day 1140 Multiplying dogs.

Beginning to sound like the 12 Days of Christmas. Have five more to make. Oops. Why are they multiplying days before Christmas??! 2 labs 2 pitties 1 golden and 1 cow dog aka black and white. Oops that’s SIX!!!!

Making my oh so adorable grandkids their brindle Lucy dog.

Lucy mostly lays around keeping watch but loves to play fetch. I need to paint this one. As soon as I decide what to do about messing up her name. Oops.

I have drawn the grandkids several times lately. This one is my favorite.

The more cross hatching version. Which do U like best?!

Drawn with the Noodler Ahab and Noodler eelskin Ink. Strathmore alpha book right now my fav sketchbook.

Colors used quin gold peacock blue ultramarine blue pyrrole red and quin gold for skin. Burnt sienna for Henry’s hair. A little cerulean and that’s it.

Time to shop. Margaret off for more fimo at Michaels. Xoxoxo oh and some mincemeat cross and Blackwell with brandy thank you very much.