Day 1131 Moh Teabags

Thanks to all the new followers I have been at this daily posting for over 1100 consecutive days now.

Plenty of time to drink hot tea when you are snowbound.

How to empty a teabag.

Clip them on the back w scissors and rinse them out. Lay flat to dry. Some like Lipton’s and Paul Newman will open up flat. You can dry them in a low oven if u are in a hurry. My ice scraper. Who knew Chacos made good ice scrapers? Finally scraped the inches of snow and ice off my windshield last nite before a quick trip to chic fil a.

Just thankful my car started up fine. I am sure it’s in shock since it normally would be in its cozy garage not sitting out in the weather in the icy cold.

Then I was back painting my dried out tea bags. Used watercolor pentel brush pen pitt pen white gouache.

Off to see the grandkids as soon as the roads thaw!

Margaret getting cabin fever xoxoxo