Day 1129 Le Petit Marche

Great conversations go on at Le Petit Marche I am sure. People are always chatting away at their tables instead of hanging out together on cell phones a sure sign that people are not talking together.

These grandparents were giving their grandson their full attention when we ate there. The place was jam packed. A guy at the door was actually having people wait. Outside the line was growing longer. We were inside though so we were among the priveledgef to have gotten there in time to get a table during the Sunday Brunch rush.

This one needs something in the right corner. Also guy in the red jacket was all wrong so fixed him some. Wondering why my camera is taking the photos too dark.

Loving this tea bag artist. Also mixed media and paper. Anyway back to my teabag drying. Going to try to paint on some while I am snow bound.

Margaret xoxox

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