Day 1128 The Brunson Place

I assume it’s the old Brunson Place because a short road named Brunson runs up to the front yard.

I wonder why paintings go better when they are vertical. Sometimes I CANT paint at all when they are flat on the table. Think gravity helps with watercolor making the wet on wet colors mingle.

I guess it was boring in black and white.

Colors used quin gold and sienna. Pyrrole red cerulean ultramarine burnt umber sepia marine blue sky green apatite cad red I think though I don’t use the cads much.

Stillman and birn alpha Da Vinci 10 sable Lamy EF w eelskin ink and I splattered it with sienna and ultramarine/sepia

Day 1128 TV Time

The thing about doing crosshatching and line work you can work on it for hours and still not be sure it’s done.

Sketch of Henry and Alicia watching tv. Sketching two wiggly kids is even worse than one wiggly kid so fairly pleased with this one. Henry’s head is too long I think but he’s the king of wiggle.

Henrys new game is to hide the Roku remote while he giggles so you can’t turn off his show. At least he hopes you can’t. But it is funny.

Lamy Ef stillman and birn alpha Line work #crosshatching #line #ink #sketching #decatur #drawingforsale #georgia #lamyef #stillmanandbirn