Day 1137 ITs oFFicIaL it’s Saturday!

Thanks for all the follows and likes. More than 200 new followers in the last week. THANK YOU!!!

Emily. Thought she was a disaster but that changed.

18×24″ For Sale!! Email me If she needs to come stay at your house.

Saturday mornings when I am in town aka Augusta a bunch of us get together at USCAiken and draw a model. Today was sweet quieter Emily.

First break

I had new paper Blicks Bristol. It was NOT kind to the paint(or the painter!!😱) at first. It wicked up the watercolor. IMPOSSIBLE to soften an edge. Like the worst nightmare of using hot press paper which is notorious for making a mess of a your best attempts at a painting. I would put on some paint and it looked horrendous. Look at the painting at the first break. Eeekkk. Was all that I could think.

I thought about starting over AGAIN on some Canson Mi Teinte paper but after consulting with Miss Katie I started slathering on paint. Attacking with a 2″ flat – Cheap Joes Golden Fleece. The painting was looking up.

first sketch maybe 25 minutes.

I kept adding pure color with little water because it would not budge once you put it on. Sometimes I added a lot of water on the palette. Not how I usually paint.

Usually putting on a lot of paint and washing it out on the paper a la Charles Reid.

At the end I added smears is white gouache I borrowed from Tom and went over it again with my 6b lead.

Al said it was one of my best. I think he might be right.

Brushes used #10 Da Vinci sable #16 Joes Legend. 1 and 2″ 2″ flat – Cheap Joes Golden Fleece

Colors Used Quin Gold, quin Rust, quin Magenta, quin red, inanthrodone blue, Chrome green, veridian Green, cerulean and Sienna, Burnt Sienna

Chunk of 6B lead and a 6B pencil

Now for the rest. Not many today. <<
eet Katie Padgett's lovely charcoal. She has really grown as an artist this past year knocking out some killer art!!

ew Murphy's wonderful large acrylic 2'x3' she just glows

s wonderful large nude. Oil 3×4'

ed's large acrylic Mondrian. Even Fred couldn't make sweet Emily look too angry.

ach Larry's charcoal. he was sitting on the floor below Emily.

chel Millers lovely quiet nude

m Needhams small quiet WIP. Abe's going to finish this so you will have to go to his website to see it finished. Www.thomas

And that's it. Jeremy and Alex ran out the door along with Dawn and Molly and her husband. Wonder if I am missing a party somewhere?! A parade maybe?!

That's a wrap for this Saturday xoxoxo

Margaret who has to get busy playing Santa but might take a nap first.

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