Day 1143 All about Christmas.

Painting my kids pit bull Grant for a Christmas present. Can’t wait til they see it. Excited. He’s also one of the dog ornaments.

Here he is with his Christmas hat. He needs a few more spots. Grant with his minime.

You can follow the process. Colors used so far. Ultramarine and burnt umber for blacks cerulean and burnt sienna die greys.

More ofThe same colors.

My version of their rug. Fire engine red ultramarine viridian and quin gold

I didn’t like the brown of the floor-not enough contrast with the rug because they are the same tone- so I added some white over it. This is with white. Quite like the effect of the white. And he was done.

And a twizzle Christmas hat for a certain cute new baby-well a six month old baby.

Now Santa needs a nap. Margaret in Atlanta xoxoxoxo

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