Day 963 Rachel Maddow!

These sketches brought the total of people drawn for the week to 82 or so. Has been riveting lately. It’s like watching a spy novel written by one of my favorite authors John Le Carre or Robert Ludlum unfolding in real life. 

So why did I write all the notes?! My mind tends to drift when I don’t take notes. It’s rather like a doodle for me. It keeps my attention focused and it helps me remember what’s been said. Truly I think I would be paying attention with or without the note taking BUT I kind of like the way it looks too. 

It’s my writing on my art work taken to the extreme. And you know I do love to write on my artwork. It gives a sort of Susan Shie flavor to it. 

I almost left her without her black jacket and top painted. I took a pic like this in case but decided to paint it and I like it better painted. 

Here’s the sketch.  

And a sketch of her only guest that night US Congressman Eric Swalwell who is also fascinating.  Not to sure how his right cheek got so much darker. Oh well. I guess I could go back and paint the other one but just been too busy. Getting close to the 100 people mark for the week. 

The sketch. These are done in my Stillman and Birn Alpha with a Lamy Safari loaded with Lexington Gray ink. 

Colors used. Quin gold Quin coral Quin burnt orange cerulean burnt umber ultramarine blue. 


Margaret xoxoxo off to do her last ten people. 

3 thoughts on “Day 963 Rachel Maddow!

  1. Marilyn Cieremans says:

    First of all I enjoy your progress in your drawing.
    Isn’t Rachel Maddow something!! What a bright individual!! We have been listening to her here in Canada. You just get so drawn in by her portrayal of the events. It is really scary. They say when the US sneezes Canada gets a cold.So what goes on in the US really affects us. This will not end well I am afraid.
    Take care,


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