Day 962 its all about the Catsup! 

Off drawing something somewhere today so thought I would share this new painting with you. 

All about the Catsup based on a picture I took on my birthday at Flying Biscuit in Candler Park on McClendon in Atlanta. I had my camera propped on the counter which gave everything an odd angle. 

I lightened and brightened the catsup and darkened the counter  so it would stand out. I added some Indian yellow to Quin red to make a lighter brighter catsup color. So far I like it. 

Last Wednesday my friend Drew said I had made her look like she was drooling. Oops.  I hope I fixed that. 

Colors I have been using Quin red Indian yellow ultramarine blue and thalo blue titanium white. Burnt umber. A liquitex light blue and flesh color and a tad bit of primary yellow. And that’s it. 

 Here’s the picture. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xoxoxo

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