Day 958 A relaxing Sunday 

Well kind of sort of. Been busy posting about our show and getting it a write up in the local paper. In the meantime here’s a watercolor for you. I have to do it on paper for my friend Monica who is in it. 

Monica works at the DuPont Planetarium at USC Aiken also known as the Ruth Patrick Science Center. She leads tours of school kids and gives them talks about the stars. 

Follow the Drinking Gourd is the black history month lecture about how slaves used the Drinking Gourd the Big Dipper to find their way north to freedom. 

I paint across the parking lot from her at USCAiken Etheridge Center. She invited me over to hear her Drinking Gourd talk. Monica did a dynamite job and I had to draw her. It was almost pitch black by the time I finished. 

The sketch sat around while I decided how to draw the star field and the whirlpool galaxy. Never done that before. 

I realized I could paint the night sky black and then splatter it with white gouache which worked out great.

 I also wanted to make the galaxy bright in the center and fade at the edges. As I painted the sky with a mix of indigo  alizarin crimson and hookers green I bled the edges around the galaxy with clear water. I coated it with very watered down Quin gold just to give a glow. Let it dry. 

Coated the sky with the indigo mix again and bled the edges again. Then I added dabs of watery alizarin crimson  and marine blue in a circular swirl. Let it dry. Added more of those colors and grey and purples to define the galaxy spin. Trying for that glow. 

Finally I splattered the galaxy with white gouache and a very small brush. I should have used a tooth brush. Next time I will. 

Highly recommend the Ruth Patrick tour!! 

Happy Sunday. 

Still in my Jammies relaxing on a chilly Sunday 

Margaret xoxoxo

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